Augmented Reality Solutions for Brands and Business - KOVR

Augmented Reality

A combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction, and accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects.

Case Studies

Augmented Reality Kids Menu Game

Objective: Build brand through engaging young restaurant customers using mobile devices they are already using for gaming. Earn rewards to encourage repeat business.

Concept: Taking kid management to the next level, this custom app uses AR to create multiplayer memory game incorporating animated brand icons that is fun and simple to play. The game platform makes it easy to incentify repeat visits through rewards.

Hardware deployment: iOS and Android mobile devices using Vuforia

AR Design Visualization

Objective: Create an accurate visualization and placement of design elements such as art on walls.

Concept: Designed for mobile deployment, an application was created that provides for asset capture in 2D and configured for 3D display. Simple user interface was incorporated to allow for accurate aspect ratio sizing and ease of physical placement. Image and video capture allows for sharing 

Hardware deployment: Mobile phone, tablet, iOS and Android.

Dancing Gingerbread Man AR

Objective: To demonstrate the unique abilities of augmented reality to capture attention and distinguish a brand in a trade show environment.

Concept: Incorporating a Christmas theme for a corporate event, a gingerbread man was animated using a Snapchat lens marker to activate. This provided a fun, unique engagement interaction and social media sharing opportunity.

Hardware deployment: Mobile, iOS and Android.

Soul Selector Augmented Reality App

Objective: To create options for Halloween costumes and moods using Snapchat lens, highlighting the creative capabilities of the social media platform and to stimulate engagement and sharing.  

Concept: Responding to a worldwide challenge issued to Snapchat lens creators, KOVR was selected as one of six to publish a unique lens providing dual experiences (dark and light), responding to the choice faced by Halloween celebrants. Activated by the turn of a head, these two lenses became hugely popular during the Halloween season.

Hardware deployment: Mobile, iOS and Android

AR Product Configurator

Objective: For a major national furniture chain, create a multifunctional AR app allowing the user to visualize component furniture in any configuration, colour and fabric. 

Concept: We developed an intuitive app with heavy emphasis on ease of use, providing for multiple configurations of furniture. Once selected, the virtual piece could be positioned and placed in the actual desired room for customer evaluation. As the use case is retail, much user testing was incorporated to refine the experience. Further iterations provided with product SKU assembly, dimensions, and click to buy option. 

Hardware deployment: Mobile, iOS, Android

Construction Engineering Visualization

Objective: Design an app that can bring blueprints to life and give Architects and Engineers the opportunity to present their project in a three dimensional manner.   

Concept: This early version of visualizer uses a marker based activation and, used in companion with a brief written RFP, gives a clear representation of what the finished product will look like when under construction and in the finished state.

Hardware deployment: Mobile, iOS and Android

AR Sign Designer

Objective: Design an app that can visualize and demonstrate what commercial signage can look like in three dimensional form.  

Concept: Intuitive and easy to use selector app giving a clear representation of what the finished sign will look like when manufactured.  The colours, fonts and size of the sign can all be altered on the spot for clear visualization.

Hardware deployment: Mobile, iOS and Android