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A person experiences the Through the Looking Glass VR experience at the 2019 Eye Ball Gala

In March of 2020, KOVR, in partnership with the University of Alberta, was awarded a grant from Alberta Innovates to further our work in developing VR experiences for health and education. As a result, this work has fueled the development of a new software platform called Stratos. This platform provides a virtual educational environment by […]

The following is an excerpt from Edmonton Global’s monthly briefing. A virtual reality experience built by KOVR is helping to encourage patients at high-risk for vision loss to get their eyes checked while also building empathy for those suffering vision loss. “In the VR, the kind of vision loss that can happen over one or two years occurs in […]

Read how KOVR is helping the University of Alberta educate people on the importance of getting their eyes checked in the June edition of Avenue Magazine.

Oculus Quest and the VIVE Pro Eye are coming soon. In this episode we discuss how both of these devices improve VR immersion. References: VR Conduit: What is VR Presence? Oculus Quest VIVE Pro Eye Facebook Avatars Tobii Foveated Rendering

Virtual Reality is being used more and more every day both for fun and for business. In this episode we look at how you can both have fun AND build your business.

Windows Mixed Reality headset and hand controllers

For the uninitiated “Mixed Reality” might sound like just another industry buzzword, but it represents an important shift. Virtual reality is designed to take you out of the real world, augmented reality provides an overlay, but mixed reality is meant to interact with and enhance. Microsoft is committed to bringing headsets to market that have […]

We recently did a series of demonstrations that focused on visualizing real estate in VR. What we found mirrors what many VR developers are finding – no matter how simple your current interactions are, they need to be even simpler. Let’s take the common act of teleportation in virtual reality – it is fairly common […]