About Us - KOVR

About Us

KOVR was founded in 2016, but even as the newest division of our parent company KO Group, we have been solving marketing and sales challenges for a long time.

KO Group is one of Canada’s premiere video production companies. Founded in 1993 as KO Productions, we produce hundreds of television commercials each year, as well as corporate and marketing videos, 3D animation and web content. Through our recently formed VR and AR technology division, KOVR, we are developing ground-breaking sales, marketing, and training applications for all kinds of industries.

KO Group is a community of experienced sales, production, creative, and technology industry professionals. We are highly competent in all aspects of creative and writing, talent casting, shooting, editing, 3D animation and modelling, special effects and graphics, motion capture, music, voice-overs, sound design and distribution.

Meet our senior people

Robert Lennon
President / Creative Director
Mike Bowman
Chief Marketing Officer
David Bassie
Head 3D Animator
Aaron Clifford
Head AR/VR Developer
Tom Julian
Operations Manager
John Berry
Senior Producer
Dean Hooke
Video Producer
Derek Bourgeois
Head of Graphic Design / Art Director