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Augmented Reality

Add a layer of information or entertainment to your product.

Case Studies

Augmented Reality for Builders & Designers

Objective: Create a useful visualization tool that allows accurate to scale placement of design elements to facilitate real time 3D experience. Eliminate the need for 2D renderings and enhance decision turnaround time.

Concept: AR application is created with custom user interfaces that allow for altering asset dimensions, color, text etc. Unlimited screen captures through mobile device provide effective 3rd party sharing of imagery.

Hardware deployment: iOS and Android mobile devices, using Arkit and CoreAR

Augmented Reality Kids Menu Game

Objective: Build brand through engaging young restaurant customers using mobile devices they are already using for gaming. Earn rewards to encourage repeat business.

Concept: Taking kid management to the next level, this custom app uses AR to create multiplayer memory game incorporating animated brand icons that is fun and simple to play. The game platform makes it easy to incentify repeat visits through rewards.

Hardware deployment: iOS and Android mobile devices using Vuforia